PTI Employee Shares how Macomb County’s “Manufacturing Day” Helped him Find his Career Calling

The Detroit Free Press recently featured an article about Mitch Waske, a 24 year old Mold Maker at PTI.

Waske has been with the company now for seven years, and he explains how the Macomb County event “Manufacturing Day” helped him find his job at PTI Engineered Plastics. Author Adrienne Roberts from the Free Press explains how many families fear for the younger generations to go onto manufacturing due to the 2008-2009 recession, but this is problem considering manufacturing is one of the most thriving industries in Macomb.

Roberts’ writes “Parents who endured the 2008-09 recession working in the automotive industry tell their kids, ‘Don’t get into manufacturing.’ ”That’s a problem because, Rowinski said, one of the most thriving industries in Macomb County is manufacturing. The county hosts what it calls a “Manufacturing Day” yearly, offering students the opportunity to learn more about manufacturing companies in the area. Mitch Waske, 24, knew from a young age that he wanted to work in this industry. Growing up, he loved building LEGO sets and working with his dad on projects in the garage. His mom, though, was convinced he wouldn’t want to work in a dark and dingy shop environment. But then Waske visited PTI Engineered Plastics in Macomb on two occasions, once with his mom and again on Manufacturing Day, and the workspace looked more like a spotless laboratory than a machine shop, he said. “I felt like, ‘Man, there’s no way I could get a job working at a place like this,’ ” he said. Waske has now worked at PTI for seven years as a mold maker.”

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