Tooling Mold Design

Quality Products Begin with Quality Tooling and Precision Mold Design.

30+ Years of Design Experience

We will never compromise a part design to fit cut corners.
Mold Design

A Good Mold Design is Critical

Our competent designers know what questions to ask by providing design recommendations, viable alternatives and practical assistance to assure that the customer’s requested part design or model meets their specifications. Part design is never sacrificed to fit a simple one-size-fits-all mold build concept. Each customer has their own list of unique requirements, and it is the goal of PTI to continually meet or exceed those requirements in molding design.

Bad Designs Can Cost You!

The advantage of good designers will save you thousands of dollars by eliminating quality issues and long cycle times. Often plastic parts are not designed with a manufacturing mindset. With 30+years design experiences our skilled designers recognize what it takes to deliver a design capable of producing a quality part.