High Temperature Molding

High Temperature Molding with High Grade Resins.

Provides both physical and dimensional stability.

Run temperatures as high as 850° F.
High Temperature Molding

A PEEK into High-Temperature Injection Molding

The world of high-temperature resins is filled with options. Some of the commonly used plastic resins include PEEK (Victrex), PPA (Amodel), PAI (Torlon), PPS (Ryton, Fortron), PEI (Ultem) and a host of other engineered grades. At PTI, we work with an array of high-heat materials and can obtain these resins in a variety of colors.

Today’s high-temperature plastics offer both physical and dimensional stability, with excellent elasticity. They have proven to be resistant to harsh chemical and hydrolysis. Another advantage of these high performance resins is their exceptional electrical properties and their low flame and smoke toxicity, which help to eliminate the need for additives.

Design is critical with high temperature molding with drafts, finish, undercut and the type of steel factored into the model from the start.

At PTI, our dedicated high-heat cell operates under the strictest safety guidelines with machines designed exclusively to run resin temperatures as high as 850° F, and mold temperatures up to 365°F.

Presses are modified with ceramic heater bands, special thermolators, and a unique mold base system. PTI’s clamping forces range from 35 to 150 tons.

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