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Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE)

SPE’s contribution to the plastics industry for over 60 years has made a significant difference to the technologies and innovations the industry enjoys today. In the process, we’ve developed a 20,000-member network of leading engineers, scientists and other plastics professionals, including technicians, salespeople, marketers, retailers and representatives from tertiary industries.

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Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA)

The Industrial Designers of America (IDSA) is the voice of the industrial design profession, advancing the quality and positive impact of design.

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Medical Devicelink

Medical DeviceLink, the online information source for the medical device industry, provides news, information, employment and recruiting services, as well as collaborative opportunities for people who design, manufacture, and market medical devices.

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MED Device Online

MED Device Online is a web based community dedicated to providing medical device OEMs with relevant, engaging content designed with the intent of educating users on issues facing product development.


MedAccred is an industry managed, consensus-driven approach to ensuring critical manufacturing process quality throughout the medical device supply chain.