With over 30 Years of Mold Building Experience.

Quick, efficient, quality tooling.

Designed and built to SPI standards.
Plastic Injection Molding

Our State of the Art Tool Room is Second to None

PTI has built its reputation and success on the ability to get their customers’ products to market quickly and efficiently – without compromising mold design, part design, or quality.

On our Tool Room floor you’ll find a fully integrated tooling network comprised of mold designers and CNC programmers utilizing state-of-the-art software for our high speed CNC vertical machining centers complimented by our plunge and wire EDM Machines.


At PTI, we use an array of materials from aluminum, mild steel, hardened steels, stainless and copper beryllium to create prototypes, low volume, hybrid and production tooling

Mold Bases

Injection mold types include: unit mold insert, MUD, free standing, shuttle loading with automated & manual tooling actions in single and multi-cavity format.

SPI Classifications

101, 102, 103, and 104.

Runner Systems

Cold runner.

Hot drop and hot manifold systems with valve gate options.