Scientific Molding

Scientific Molding Produced Six-Sigma Level Quality.

For consistent and repeatable parts.

View production through live video feedback.
Scientific Molding Produced Six-Sigma Level Quality

What is Scientific Molding?

Scientific molding is a disciplined, systematic approach to establishing key processing parameters of plastic injection molding. This controlled process is data driven and highly repeatable, yielding products of Six-Sigma quality. By applying strict scientific molding principles and methodologies, we’re able to establish all molding variables in the manufacturing process to achieve consistent and repeatable results. This is often accomplished by using the inline “RJG” monitoring system where, through a video feed, customers can view and assess their products in real time as they are being manufactured. PTI is largely staffed with RJG-certified master molders.

Scientific Injection Molding monitors four process parameters:

  • Plastic Temperature
  • Plastic Volumetric Flow Rate
  • Plastic Pressure Gradient
  • Plastic Cooling Rate and Time