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PTI Engineered Plastics’ Tool Transfer Process

There are certainly times when a manufacturer, for whatever reason, is unable to continue production or supply the final molded parts, and a customer is left empty-handed. Fortunately, Transferring a tool or mold from one manufacturer to another can rescue a company from losing precious production time and experiencing potential quality issues.

During the process of transferring the tool to a new molding facility, maintaining smooth production operations necessitates a thorough evaluation of the tool and establishing a proactive maintenance program.

Choosing a supplier with in-house tooling capabilities is crucial.

When a mold arrives at a new supplier, their tooling and process engineering teams conduct comprehensive assessments of the mold and review process parameters. An in-house tooling team can promptly address any necessary repairs, swiftly returning the mold to production and minimizing downtime. Additionally, regular preventative maintenance can be carried out more efficiently throughout the production process.

With nearly 40 years of mold building experience, a robust manufacturing process and commitment to quality, PTI Engineered Plastics will guide you through a successful tool transfer program ensuring a rapid return to production.

PTI’s Tool Transfer Team includes an Account Manager, Program Manager, Quality Engineer, Tooling Engineer, and Process Engineer, who will conduct an initial business review of your program. Evaluating your current tooling, process information, program expectations and transfer timing is the first step. Transfer team members will review current part quality and documentation before providing a quote.

Our Transfer Team

Account Manager: Responsible for coordinating initial scope and requirements of the transfer project with the customer and communicating to transfer team.

Program Manager: Will be the main point of contact for the customer and coordinate all activity from the incoming tools, sample parts, drawings and internal documentation. Will be responsible for all milestone commitments and timing between the customer and internal staff.

Tooling Engineer: Responsible for making initial mold assessments when qualifying the mold. Will provide a pre-production report followed by a predictive and preventative maintenance plan.

Quality Engineer: Will work closely with Program Manager and customer to outline all submission and validation requirements and will prepare pre and post submission documentation validating such.

Process Engineer: Responsible to establish optimum process through a scientific molding approach to achieve the highest level or repeatability and consistency.

Clear Path to Success

  • It is critical that full transparency is shared throughout the transfer process in order to have an efficient and effective tool transfer.
  • It is also essential to clearly define the scope, responsibilities, and expectations during the RFQ phase of the tool transfer inquiry.
  • Any tool refurbishments will be quoted and submitted for approval.
  • The validation process and protocol will be decided and agreed on up front and executed by the Tool Transfer Team.

Validation Required?

  • PTI will perform heightened inspection on initial product lots to reduce risk and fill pipeline after successful tool transfer.
  • Heightened inspection will continue for each lot produced to mitigate risk until completion of IQ/OQ/PQ.
    • Inspection of first shot, last shot, and in-process samples
    • First Article Report – 3 or 5 pcs per lot (optional)
  • PTI has a highly experienced validation team that will:
    • Review historical validation records (if applicable) to ensure all original requirements are covered.
    • Expedite protocols, inspection and validation reporting.
    • Leverage our in-house metrology lab
  • Our validation engineers complete over 100 tool validations per year and will ensure your path to success.
Tool Transfer Checklist cover image

To assist in planning, PTI has prepared a tooling transfer checklist that highlights information that will be helpful in assuring the success of your mold/tool transfer.

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