COVID-19 Update | March 23, 2020

Dear Valued Customers:

As COVID-19 continues to progress, like you, our primary goal is the safety and health of our employees.

PTI is a diverse plastic injection molder that serves automotive, aerospace, defense and consumer products; we are also a proud partner of the medical industry. As a critical supplier to our medical customers, and any government-driven programs during this COVID-19 crisis, PTI is deemed an “essential business.” This means that PTI must remain operational throughout this pandemic.

Now that our medical and defense companies are being called upon to ramp up their production, PTI will continue to manufacture and supply their products unabated.

To our entire customer base, our position is secure, and timelines are on target. We’re diligently monitoring our supply chains, and any changes in any of these areas will be communicated directly to impacted customers.

We know, firsthand, employees working for essential businesses that supply products for the health, welfare, and safety of the general public are exceptional, especially in a time of crisis. For our employees’ protection, we not only follow all the CDC guidelines, but have taken special measures inside our facility to keep it sanitized. PTI’s building is restricted to employees only.

PTI will continue to keep you updated weekly and will be here to answer any questions or concerns.
Stay safe and healthy!


Mark Rathbone, CEO