The Keys to a Successful Tool Transfer


Sometimes the best-laid plans are unattainable. When this happens during production, the results can be devastating. Time, money, and effort may seem wasted — which is no small loss during a product launch or ongoing production. Just imagine halting the injection molding process of a critical component used in a medical device assembly, creating an interruption in the supply chain. “It happens,” shares John Budreau, Director of New Business Development with PTI Engineered Plastics, which specializes in full-service custom plastic injection molding services. “It’s not typical, but there are certainly times when a manufacturer, for whatever reason, is unable to continue production or supply the final molded parts, and a customer is left empty-handed.”

PTI Car Show 2023

PTI’s 4th annual Car Show was a success! Thanks to all for coming out and enjoying the cars, the people, the food, the games and the prizes. Until next year… Want to See Just Cars?!

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The New State of Outsourcing

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way OEM’s and their service providers did business. Find out just how impactful the pandemic was to outsourcing service providers with an interview from many executives, including PTI’s John …

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