COVID-19 Update | May 13, 2020

Dear Valued Customers:

Good News! Governors across the states are starting to open all manufacturing.

Here is an update on PTI’s status as we continue to move through this virus together.

PTI deemed an essential business, primarily due to our medical work, has been operational during the pandemic. Remaining open has allowed us to be ahead of the curve in implementing practices to keep our employees safe and healthy and our plant operational.

We understand that many customers may have concerns with their supply chains now that they are fully operational, as to the level of protection they have put in place to mitigate the spread of this virus. We take your concerns seriously and therefore, are sharing with you some of our preparedness.

Below are steps that PTI practices to ensure a healthy environment:

  • Employees are provided with the PTI Preparedness Guide for Covid-19
  • Cleaning daily with deep cleaning every weekend. Workstations cleaned before/after each shift
  • Building air sanitized regularly
  • Sanitizer, cleaning wipes provided at all workstations
  • Hand sanitizer provided throughout the entire building
  • Detailed signage to remind employees proper hygiene and ways to stop the spread of Covid-19
  • Daily monitoring barrier – signs and thermometers at each door.
  • One-way traffic throughout the building
  • Masks provided and must be worn
  • Face shields provided; not a replacement for safety glasses
  • Social distancing
  • Additional lunch tables to ensure people are spaced 6’ apart

We hope that these enhanced safety measures at PTI will provide you with a level of assurance that your project with us will proceed unimpeded as we all engage in the business of moving forward.


Mark Rathbone, CEO